Gold Properties Sold – “Paradise Mine”

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Unpatented Oregon Gold Claim  SOLD
Paradise Mine ORMC 163027
Approximate Length Along Creek: 7/10ths  Mile, Starting Bid: $5000.00
Average Sale Value Based
on Previous Gold Properties Auctions: $10,000.00
Buy Now Price: $7500.00
Guaranteed Title or Your Money Back!

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Gold Properties Claim Map and Location Notice

Please see the attached road map for the location and directions to this mining claim.

This is a very nice mining property for gold prospectors who prefer to work in or near easy, shallow water. It is an excellent property for 2-inch, 3-inch and 4-inch suction dredges, or portable high-banker-dredge combos. There is great access to the property from the road which follows along the creek.

While the images don’t show it very well because they were taken just after a snow storm, there is really nice camping along the side of the road in several areas on this claim.

This place has incredible views of steep mountain peaks, out in the middle of an old forest. It is a very nice place!

PROSPECTS: This mining property is located in a historically-rich section of Josephine County. Ancient streambed is abundant all along these mining properties, showing that this claim still has very substantial, rich potential! Exposed bedrock can be seen all along the creek. This means reaching the gold deposits will not require digging or dredging very far.

Besides what serious miners could do with this claim, this is a very nice quiet and somewhat secluded location where a person could just relax, or beginners could get started in a mining environment that is not too difficult.

For information on permits and regulations for suction dredging on gold properties in Oregon visit the
Oregon DEQ web site.