Gold Mining Links

Gold Mining Links

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Extreme Prospector
From jumping ship in the dark gloom of night into the icy waters of Hong Kong Harbor, to being relentlessly pursued by the Canadian Mounted Police for finding and keeping a bonanza of gold, to diving for rich diamond deposits in the murky, crocodile-infested waters of the Venezuelan Amazon, former Navy SEAL and ultimate non-conformist, Dave Mack, is the true life version of Indiana Jones.

Pro-Mack Mining Underwater Mining Specialists
Placer Gold Mining Consulting Professionals.Providing consulting,
equipment and sampling services worldwide.

The New 49’ers Prospecting Association

World Gold Council @

The Prospecting Club of Southern California

Route 66 Gold Miners GPAA Brea Chapter

Arizona Gold Prospectors

Gold Miners Headquarters
International recreational gold mining directory

Gold Prospecting Videos with Dave McCracken

Big Gold Nugget Video

Metal Detectors

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