Gold Mining Claim – Long Golden Path – CAMC 0287911

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Unpatented Klamath River Gold Claim

1. The name of this placer claim is “Long Golden Path”
2. Located in Sec. 28 & 33 Township 12N. 6E. Range HUM.
3. Located in the Somes Bar Mining District, County of Siskiyou, State of California.

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Note: Maps are accurate for illustrative purposes only. The full legal description of this claim is on public record in the County of Siskiyou, State of California.

Approximate length along river: 1.8 miles

Average Sale Value Based
on Previous Auctions: $50,400

Buy Now Price: $37,800

Guaranteed Title or Your Money Back!

gold mining claims  22The Long Golden Path claim (on the Klamath River) is located about 38 miles downriver from Happy Camp. The upriver boundary is located near Highway 96 mile marker 2.6. The downriver boundary is located approximately 0.25 miles downriver of the Junction School. There is private property with residences between the highway and the river near the upper-end of this claim, with a private drive just downriver of the parcel. There is no access allowed via this private drive.

PROSPECTS: The evidence of historic mining activity cannot be missed on this gold mining claims. A huge hydraulic mine area is located up the mountain across the river right atop this claim! There are mountains of boulders from all the work done on the benches by the the oldtimers. With every major storm over the past hundred years draining this mountainside into the river, potential for rich streambed deposits is terrific! Huge boulders and exposed bedrock in shallow water make this a dredger’s dream.

The historical hydraulic mining also creates a lot of opportunity for finding gold nuggets using metal detectors. Hard-packed streambed exposed on the banks allow for numerous excellent highbanking areas. If you are looking for a secluded place to spend your mining seasons, this 1.8 miles of heaven is just what you are looking for!

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