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Gold Claim – Orleans Reward – CAMC 0292709

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Unpatented Klamath River Gold Claim

1. The name of this placer claim is “Orleans Reward”
2. Located in Sec. 31 Township 11N. Range 6E. HUM.
3. Located in the Orleans Mining District, County of Humbolt, State of California.
4. Google Earth GPS coordinates: 41 18’7.9”N 123 32’13.1”W

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Note: Maps are accurate for illustrative purposes only. The full legal description of this claim is on public record in the County of Humboldt, State of California.

Approximate length along river: 1/4 of a mile

Average Sale Value Based
on Previous Auctions: $8,000

Buy Now Price: $6,000

Guaranteed Title or Your Money Back!

Gold Claim for Sale Orleans Reward 1The Orleans Reward Mine (on the Klamath River) is located about 43 miles downriver from Happy Camp, just upstream from the small town of Orleans. The upriver boundary is located just downstream from the Highway 96 bridge that crosses the Klamath river (just upstream from Orleans). The claim then extends down alongside the upper end of the town, with the downriver boundary located about a quarter-mile downstream from the bridge (please see location notice?).

It is very convenient that the primary access to this claim is located just upstream from Orleans, which is the second largest town along the Klamath River. The town has two gas stations (propane & diesel also available), a fairly large grocery store & deli, a restaurant, hardware & auto parts store, laundry mat, several RV parks with full hookups, a motel and other support services.

This is really nice claim! Towards the upper end of the claim, there is a very nice river access which includes a sand beach and perhaps some limited camping. You can go directly to this claim by copying the following coordinates into Google Earth: 41 18’7.9”N 123 32’13.1”W

Old hydraulic tailing cuts are visible just up the hillside, proving that the Oldtimers did well in the immediate area. There is an historic (huge) hydraulic mine just upstream from Orleans and this property. Most of the tailings from that mine, along with most of their gold losses, will have since washed into the river and been re-deposited by major flood events.

The river flows relatively slow in this section of the river. With the easy access, this will make a wonderful property for people who are just getting started in suction dredging.

PROSPECTS: This mining property is located in a historically-rich section of the Klamath River. There were bench operations and hydraulic mines all along the river in the local area. Evidence of old bench work, including tail races and tailings piles, can be seen around the immediate area. There is also lots of potential for high-banking, deep & shallow dredging, sluicing and metal detecting.

For anyone looking to extend the length of this claim, the property located just upriver (“Home Gold“) is also available for purchase. Please see overview map?.

For more information please contact Jason Inks