Gold Mining Claim Sold – “Long Forgotten Gold”

Gold Mining Claim Sold
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Unpatented Klamath River Gold Claim SOLD
Long Forgotten Gold CAMC 0287913
Approximate length along river: half-mile
Starting Bid: $7,000
Average Sale Value Based
on Previous Auctions: $12,600
Buy Now Price: $10,500
Guaranteed Title or Your Money Back!

You may make an offer to purchase this claim before the start of the auction
with the “buy now” option by contacting Jason Inks. The “buy now” option will
be available after auction bidding is opened.

Claim Map and Location Notice

The Long Forgotten Gold claim (on the Klamath River) is located about 34 miles downriver from Happy Camp. The upriver boundary is located near the Highway 96 mile marker 4.89. Look for the sign which marks the Stuarts Bar River Access. The downriver boundary is located down river near mile marker 4.64 along Hwy 96. Please see the road map.

This is a very beautiful claim! Originally, it was around 2.6 miles long. But based upon the input from interested people, Long Forgotten Gold has been amended into a smaller (much less expensive) property, and 5 other, shorter claims were created to take up the length of river just downstream. This breakdown can be seen on the overview map.

There is excellent access by the USFS Green Riffle River Access, which is located just downstream on the adjoining claim (“Grand Bar”). That developed road access leads to a very large bar, the upper-end which is the lower boundary of Long Forgotten Gold (A perfect area for ATV’s!). So The Green Riffle River Access provides a fantastic camping and access point for this beautiful claim!

RV camping can also be done in road-side pull-offs alongside Highway 96 alongside the claim.

PROSPECTS: This is within a historically-rich section of the Klamath River. There were bench operations and hydraulic mines all along the river in the local area. Evidence of old bench work, including tail races and tailings piles, can be seen along the river near this claim. There is a historic tailings pile visible towards the bottom-end of one gravel bar. This is a very good sign!

There is exposed bedrock to be found along with in-place bench material that is being washed into the natural riffles within the river. Big natural bars and excellent river diversity create fantastic potential for high-banking, shallow dredging, sluicing and metal detecting.

For anyone looking to extend the length of this claim, the adjoining claims located just down river (“Grand Bar,” “Mile 70,” “Eagles Haven,” “Channel Gold” & “Otter Run”) are also being sold in this auction. Please see overview map.