Important Notice and Disclaimer About Large Consignment Listings

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This notice is to inform you that from time to time this website accepts “consignment” listings from independent sellers on larger reserve type or turn key mining properties. It will be conspicuously noted on any claim description pages when this is the case.

All information for these listings is supplied by the seller and is believed to be accurate and is presented in good faith, however none of this information has been fully verified by As with any financial transaction buyers/investors must complete a thorough due diligence on their own. We are not responsible for any damages of any kind resulting from the use of any information contained on this web site as a part of any “consignment” listing.

By use of this website you acknowledge that these “consignment” listings cannot be guaranteed by and that you take full responsibility for your own business transactions.

I agree with the statement above and wish to view current consignment listings.

For more information or to list a larger property on consignment here please contact Jason Inks .